How to take online courses

Taking courses are pretty simple. You become a paying subscriber first.  Then you log in and and download course contents.  The course contents are made of "Presentation slide", "Hands-on lab", and "Recorded video".  The "Hands-on lab" also contains homework at the end.

  1. How to take courses
  2. How to submit homeworks

1. How to take the courses

1. Supposed you are taking "Advanced Java Programming" course, simply click the course link in the website as shown below.  Click "Advanced Java Programming" course link.

2. You then see all the topics of the course.  Note that each topic has Presentation slides (PDF),  Hands-on lab (Lab), and Recorded video (Recording).  Click each link to download.

3. You can click Lab link to download the hands-on lab.

4. You can then download the hands-on lab - in the example below-  and unzip it in a directory of choice.

5. It will create a directory of the topic - javase5_annotation in this example.  You also find index.html under the directory.   Using your browser, read the index.html.  The index.html is the lab document.

6. Using your browser, read the lab document.  And you can do the lab as described in the lab document.

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2. How to submit homeworks

At the end of the hands-on lab document of each topic, you will find homework.  It contains the instruction on what to send and where to send the homework. 

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