Face Verification: An Amazing Technology Beyond Imagination

Technology is considered the modern day magic. A lot of things that seemed impossible have now been made impossible. The internet on its own part has contributed immensely to the growth of sectors including ecommerce, security amongst others. We have now seen the rise of one ecommerce Development Company after another. Your adequate knowledge of the internet and ecommerce, you can even start up your own woocommerce mix and match business. Enough on ecommerce, let's talk about security and how the internet working with technology has helped improve that sector.

Face Verification An Amazing Technology Beyond Imagination

Before now there were simple yet effective ways of securing valuables. It started with merely closing the door to the use of metallic locks and it has developed to what it is today. Nowadays, there are far more sophisticated means of securing one’s valuables. These sophisticated means are mostly electronic with a touch of the internet. One of these modes of security includes the use of face verification. Face verification should not be confused for face recognition. Face verification can only be applied when face recognition has been done. In the words of another researcher, face recognition asks "who are you?" While face verification asks "is that you?". This article will make you understand face verification: an amazing technology beyond imagination.

More personalized and secure mode of security

This form of security is a step higher than the already existing modes of security. It will take some serious effort to bypass this mode of security. Tests have proven it to be more than ninety percent accurate. In other words, it will be very hard for someone else to access your car, house or phone when you use Facebook verification. This mode of security is also more personalized as it removes every room for guesswork.

No need for keys, locks or passwords

With face verification mode of security, you will access your house, office, cars and/or your phones without having to remember your password. The issue of security is a serious one and people are advised to not use one password across the board. Imagine the stress of having to remember all those different passwords and which device or place they are to be used.

Maximum security

Face verification is one typical deep learning application that is useful in various scenarios, such as residential buildings, banking institutes, public areas, mainly for security and authentication purposes. This system is so secure that even a twin of yours will have difficulty assessing your house, cars or device in the name of we look alike. This is because faces need to be enrolled into the system to create the database from which the software will determine unique, identifying facial features. Later, when other pictures, videos and/or live streams are presented to establish identity, the software and woocommerce Plugins will break the new picture down into its key features and compare them against the information stored in the database. If it finds a match, at a high enough level of confidence, it will have ‘recognized’ that particular face in the picture.

Ease of Security

Ease of Security

This is the best part of it, that the security is one that doesn't stress you out. You may never be able to ascertain if I'm using face verification security on my car as all I need to do is to stand close to the car such that the camera can easily verify my face. This fact, coupled with the fact that I don't have to remember any password makes it more interesting. Face verification has been developed to the point such that you don't have to keep a particular expression for the system to verify you.


Effective policing

The importance of facial verification in the place of security is of high priority. With this face verification, the burden placed on security agents to do their job will be greatly reduced. If there was a reason why criminals are called criminals, it is for their ability to blend in with normal people after perpetrating ungodly acts. The law itself works on the principle of "if nobody saw it, it didn't happen". It's as a result of this that most criminals get to go scot free. This may not always be the case again as there are lots of cameras hidden in plain sight in public places. These cameras alongside facial verification software could help bring criminals to book. With the ability to identify over ninety percent correctly an individual, even the hideous of crimes may not be so hideous.

Increased use in more recent technology

For someone or in this case something to gain recognition and followers, all it needs to do is prove its worth. Face verification will see an increase in its usage for security purposes. You can pretend and deceive a human being but not a computer. Facial verification software will be featured in recently developed technological equipment such as phones, computers and security gadgets. Applications such as mobile wallets, phone locks, mobile banking, etc. will make use of facial verification in a bid to provide optimum security.

Instead of opening the door with a key, employees can verify their identity with faces to unlock the company door. Another example would be for the police to track criminals using public cameras. As stated earlier in the article, facial verification software has been proven to identify correctly to over ninety percent of individuals. All the app needs is a glimpse of the individual's face. It can even identify the individual if he faces sideways or if sixty percent of his face is covered with a head gear. What can beat a verification that can identify with over ninety percent accuracy and individual while only provided with only sixty percent of the individual's face? This is the kind of technology you can only imagine. Thanks to science, this technology is now a reality and it is fast gaining popularity. Researchers are developing face verification such that you can match a childhood picture to that of an adult. That is still a work in progress though.

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