AngularJS Custom components


  • What and Why Components? 
  • Simple component 
  • Passing external data to component

What is and Why Component?

Template and Controller 

  • In a typical Angular application, a controller and a template work together to create a dynamic view 
    • The template (the part of the view containing the bindings and presentation logic) acts as a blueprint for how our data should be organized and presented to the user 
    • The controller provides the context in which the bindings are evaluated and applies behavior and logic to our template

Issues of Using Template and Controller 

  • What if we want to reuse the same functionality in a different part of our application ? 
    • We would need to duplicate the template and controller - this is errorprone and hurts maintainability. 
  • The scope, that glues our controller and template together into a dynamic view, is not isolated from other parts of the page
    • What this means is that a random, unrelated change in a different part of the page (e.g. a property-name conflict) could have unexpected and hard-to-debug side effects on our view.

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