Docker Volume


  • What is and Why volume (data volume)? 
  • Add a volume 
  • Mount host directory as a volume 
  • Create a volume 
  • Volume container 
  • Backup, restore, and migrate volumes

What is and Why Volume? 

  • Containers are ephemeral 
    • Once a container is removed, it is gone along with data it created 
  • What about scenarios where you want the applications running inside the container to write to some files/data and then ensure that the data is still present even if the container is no longer runs or exists 
    • You are running an application that is generating data and it creates files or writes to a database and so on. Now, even if the container is removed and in the future you launch another container, you would like that data to still be there 
  • Volumes are designed to persist data, independent of the container’s lifecycle 
    • Docker therefore never automatically deletes volumes when you remove a container, nor will it “garbage collect” volumes that are no longer referenced by a container

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