• What is & Why Arquillian? 
  • Why we need a better integration testing in Java EE? 
  • Arquillian architecture

What is & Why Arquillian?

What is Arquillian? 

  • The mission of the Arquillian project is to provide a simple test harness that abstracts away all container lifecycle and deployment from the test logic so developers can easily produce a broad range of integration tests for their enterprise Java applications

How to use Arquillian? 

  • Arquillian enables you to test your business logic in a remote or embedded container. 
  • Alternatively, it can deploy an archive to the container so the test can interact as a remote client 
  • To avoid introducing unnecessary complexity into the developer's build environment, Arquillian integrates transparently with familiar testing frameworks (e.g., JUnit 4, TestNG 5), allowing tests to be launched using existing IDE, Ant and Maven test plugins without any add-ons.

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