jQuery UI Theming


  • Theming jQuery UI 
  • Select and use a theme (form ThemeRoller site) 
  • Create a custom theme from an existing theme 
  • jQuery UI CSS Framework
  • Use styles from jQuery UI CSS Framework in view pages

Theming jQuery UI 

  • All jQuery UI widgets are designed to allow a developer to seamlessly integrate them into the look and feel of the application 
  • Each widget is styled with CSS and contains two layers of style information: 
    • Layer 1 styles: Standard jQuery UI CSS Framework styles 
    • Layer 2 styles: Plugin-specific styles

Approaches to Theming UI Plugins 

  1.  Select and use a theme from a gallery of “ready to use” themes (from ThemeRoller site) 
  2.  Create a custom theme from an existing theme 
  3.  Use styles from CSS Framework in the view pages

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