Rails Basics


  • What is and Why Ruby on Rails? 
  • Building HelloWorld Rails application step by step 
  • Key concepts of Rails application development 
    • App directory structure (MVC), Environment 
    • Rake, Generator, Migration, Rails console
    • Bundle (will be covered in another presentation) 
  • Add another field to a model 
  • Add another template (view page) 
  • Create a form for user input 
  • Explore Rails learning resources

What is and Why Ruby on Rails (RoR)?

What Is “Ruby on Rails”? 

  • A full-stack MVC web development framework 
  • Written in Ruby 
    • Rails leverages various characteristics of Ruby language - metaprogramming, closure, etc. 
  • First released in 2004 by David Heinemeier Hansson (DHH)



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